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An osteopath examining a woman's lower leg
A midle aged man having treatment to his neck

There is no fixed list of conditions that benefit from osteopathy. There are common conditions that we treat, but many people have been helped with other conditions that are not on our list. So can osteopathy help you? Give us a call to find out.

Conditions that we commonly treat

Pregnancy and newborns

- Back and neck pain, including lower back pain

- Arm and shoulder pain

- Knee, foot and ankle pain

- Headaches and arthritis

- Hip pain

- Sport injuries like tennis elbow and golfers elbow

We can also treat newborn babies, and we can help you if you are suffering from pregnancy-related issues.


So give Keith Robertson Osteopath a call today. Our specialties range from pregnancy issues to sport injuries, as well as neck pain and shoulder pain: start feeling better today.

Can osteopathy help you?

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