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Close up of a patient having cranial osteopathy
A patient undergoing cranial treatment

Cranial osteopathy is a suitable treatment for a range of conditions, but we don't treat the conditions directly: we treat you. We explore all areas of your body to diagnose and treat areas of dysfunction that could be causing problems elsewhere.

What is cranial osteopathy?

Are you ready to start feeling better?

- It is a subtle and refined approach to osteopathy

- Focuses on the whole body, including the structures inside your head

- Diagnoses and treats areas of strain or dysfunction

- Popular treatment for babies

- Also suitable for older children, adults and the elderly

- Can help with a range of different conditions

Cranial osteopathy is a subtle, gentle and safe treatment that is suitable for everyone. It is a relaxing treatment that can help you feel better in many different ways.


At Keith Robertson Osteopath we treat a range of different conditions, including issues surrounding pregnancy. If you're in Stirling and you think we can help, give us a call.

How cranial osteopathy can help you

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