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A pregnant woman

When you are pregnant you go through many physical, chemical, hormonal and emotional changes. Some of these changes present challenges, like restricted mobility, fatigue or pain. This is where pregnancy osteopathy can help.

How osteopathy helps

Safe and gentle treatment

- Beneficial before, during and after pregnancy

- Helps you prepare for pregnancy

- Helps as your posture changes during your pregnancy

- Helps with your emotional changes

- Prepares you for labour

- Eases the strain of giving birth, and helps your body recover

Osteopathy is a subtle and non-invasive treatment that helps your body adapt to the changes it is going through as a result of pregnancy.


To find out more about how osteopathy works, visit our About Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy pages. Or you can give Keith Robertson Registered Osteopath a call at our Stirling clinic.

Pregnancy osteopathy treatments

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